Traffic Location & Life Function

Provide you with the most transportation method

Smart Building Marking Framework

Traffic Conditions



3 general exits

Elevator credit card control

Swipe linked floor button

Safety ladder access control

The safety ladder must be swiped into the office area.

Independent information pipeline

Information rooms can be set up on each floor and access control can be strengthened (For customers to set up their own secure information network)

Setting up an independent cooling water system

Supplying the cooling required for individual air conditioning, Available for MIS room or laboratory ( 15RT outlets are reserved for each layer, total capacity is set to 200RT)


Fiber optic network

Garbage disposal equipment

Garbage refrigeration equipment in line with Green Building Mark

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Life Function

Set in the fitness center of B1, it will cost nearly ten million hardware and software equipment to give you high-end five-star enjoyment. In addition to working in Qunguang Building, you can also feel comfortable after exercise.